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Timing Belt Repair and Replacement

Your timing belt contains tiny teeth that latch on to the camshaft and turn it, which in turn spins the crankshaft. Without this vital belt, the valves in your transmission aren’t timed to open and close properly. If you notice that your vehicle isn’t turning over or if it’s misfiring, these are all symptoms of a faulty timing belt. Other symptoms include oil leaks and ticking or clicking noises. Whether you’re noticing one or all of these signs, it’s time to pay a visit to your local AAMCO in Logan, UT, for timing belt repair.

AAMCO premium timing belt services begin with our famous multi-point inspection. Before anything else, our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools will be used to detect any possible problems under the hood. Based on the inspection, our experienced technicians will get to work on your timing belt repair. Whether your vehicle requires a timing belt replacement or simply needs to be cleaned, our friendly staff will perform the necessary work quickly and efficiently.

Don’t neglect timing belt maintenance and repair. This vital component ensures that you’re safe while driving. If you suspect timing belt issues, allow AAMCOs experienced technicians to restore your vehicle’s security and get you back on the road.



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